At the beginning of this year I decided to rebrand Moon Canyon. It had been a few years since we last visited the ethos, philosophy, and image of what best represented our little flower company. While it seemed so much had changed and we had experienced serious growth I was pleasantly surprised that at the core of what we do not much had altered. 


I have spent the better half of my life in the flower industry (read roaming around the flower market, early mornings, coffee in hand, searching for...something pretty). At this point I cannot even think about what Moon Canyon is without thinking about myself and how I got here.

How we got here together, really. 

This trip down memory lane was inspiring to say the least. This whole company was created so I could do what I love...I know cheesy. But it's true. I have a real problem with wanting to see what's in my head come out. I want to make shit all the time. 

When I started MC I was 27 and had moved around so much trying to feel comfortable somewhere. I had been trying to find my "forever job" but with every low I went back to flowers. It was where my meditation was. Where I could breath and work through my problems. Finally I decided I had to give in and do something with 100% of my being. Give it all up and see what was left. 

While I grew Moon Canyon I was growing up myself. Learning to give myself what I needed in order to be "successful" in business provided way more for me personally then I had ever imagined. Balancing my creative "know-it-all" side with humbling business practises.  

Today, I am a wife, business owner and mother. None of which would have been possible had I not manifested my inner joy, which is Moon Canyon. So that is where I ended up. Realizing this is the place of joy and bliss for me. That I want very much for those who we work with to feel their own joy and bliss. Yes, we make flowers, but we make them because they speak to us, and at times others need them to speak for them, and that's what we do.  Tell the stories of others through a season, a poetic floral movement, and a composition of flowers. It's very simple. 

Welcome to the new Moon Canyon Journal. Ill keep my voice very sincere here so that we can keep this whole thing real. Thank you for being here!

Peace, KMC