the creation of collected


We spend much of our time at Moon Canyon dreaming big for our clients - pulling endless inspiration imagery, discussing venues, arrangements, and installations, working with creators on custom vessels, platters, and linens. Our bespoke floral design for weddings brings us joy. There is a thrill to seeing an impactful floral moment that had been sketched or discussed in the design process come to life at an event. But at heart, we simply want to provide artful florals that elevate the senses and add beauty to a moment in time.

In creating Collected, we are able to satisfy this desire.

We are so pleased to present our three collections - Grove, Meadow, and Garden. They are the result of going back to the plants and flowers and letting them speak.


Our hope in creating Collected is to see our arrangements gracing the settings that we haven’t been able to touch with our bespoke floral design - the backyard weddings, the alfresco dinner gatherings, the smaller moments of joy and celebration.


We’ll be sharing more of the inspiration behind the collections in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we hope you’ll view our spring Collected offerings here.